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BusinessPortal-FR provides a comprehensive‑, DIY‑, interactive template for business valuations based on management accounts. It also brings willing business owners, ‑sellers or ‑starters in France together with willing business investors or ‑buyers. The idea is to share relevant information to find the best fit and facilitate a smoother negotiation. Furthermore, it provides add‑on services to business brokers such as Customer Relationship Management software, a day‑planner and calendar, documents handling for clients, ‑potential investors and ‑businesses and iFrames to help them build professional‑looking websites with the same functionality as the BusinessPortal range of websites.

The information requested from business owners by BusinessPortal-FR is very detailed but it would be required for due diligence in the event of any successful business deal. Thus, once an agreement is reached, the information merely needs to be verified for due diligence. This data also allows BusinessPortal-FR to incorporate three extensive, logical and accurate business valuations. The amount of time needed to gather and submit this information as well as the fees charged for advertising on BusinessPortal-FR is an indication of the intent of the business owner to sell or grow the business. It is also an indication of the business competence of the current owner. The release of the most sensitive information to interested parties will always remain at the discretion of the business owner.

Though limited information will be available to the general public, interested investors will be required to pay a monthly membership fee to have access to richer information and the opportunity to chat with current business owners. This will be an indication of their serious intent to invest time and money into a business.

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We look forward to being the facilitators of your successful business deal.

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